Daring to do What Others Have Not

The 4DMT Approach

4DMT is a clinical-stage biopharma company inventing and developing innovative products to unlock the full potential of genetic medicine to treat large market diseases. We use our transformative vector discovery platform, termed Therapeutic Vector Evolution, to create customized and proprietary gene delivery vehicles (i.e., vectors) to deliver therapeutic payloads to specific tissue types associated with the underlying disease via the optimal route of administration. Our product design, development and manufacturing engine empowers us to efficiently create our valuable and diverse product pipeline. This combination of bold innovation and relentless execution gives 4DMT the capability to revolutionize genetic medicines and to strive for potential curative therapies.

Guiding Principles

Dare to Cure

We strive to continually innovate in order to realize the full potential of transformative, disease-modifying genetic medicines. Good enough is not good enough for us. We strive to cure patients of their devastating diseases.

Break Boundaries

It’s in our DNA to question the status quo and innovate to overcome the limitations of conventional approaches. Our power to break boundaries is driven by our ideas and by executing in new and improved ways.

Beyond Yourself

Achieving our bold vision requires incredible teamwork. We dedicate ourselves to serving others every day, including patients, their families, physicians, scientists, business partners, our teammates and our families. We only succeed as a fully integrated, interdependent and high-functioning team.

Prepare & Execute Relentlessly

We start with the end in mind, over-prepare and make contingency plans to our contingency plans. We prepare for every possibility. This empowers us to quickly and effectively adjust to new risks and opportunities.


Innovators. Inventors. Scientists. Physicians. Drug Developers. Manufacturing Experts. Visionary Leadership.

David Kirn, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Fred Kamal, PhD

President, Chief Operating Officer

Scott Bizily, JD, PhD

Chief Legal Officer

Theresa Janke

Chief of Staff, Co-Founder

Noriyuki Kasahara, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Robert Kim, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Uneek Mehra

Chief Financial & Business Officer

An Song, PhD

Chief Development Officer

Leadership in the News

The Medicine Maker Power List 2022

December 2022 | The Medicine Maker

Board of Directors

David Kirn, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

John F. Milligan, PhD

Executive Chairman

Jacob Chacko, MD, MBA

Board Member

Susannah Gray, MBA

Board Member

Nancy Miller-Rich

Board Member

Charles Theuer, MD, PhD

Board Member

Shawn Tomasello, MBA

Board Member

Scientific Advisory Board

Ronald Crystal, MD

Richard Moss, MD

Amy Rosenberg, MD

Paul Utz, MD